Oigo un sueño,
Sonido adelantado de mi corazón.

I hear,
I hear,
I hear a dream,
Advancing sound of my heart.

Mi cara inmóvil,
afronta la corriente de la ventana abierta, paseo de los neuronas,
tan estrecho
y rápido,
que me quita el respiro,
me despierta los árboles,
y silencia la palabra.

My still face
facing the stream from the open window,
neurons walk,
so narrow
and fast,
that takes my breath away,
awaken by the trees,
silencing the word.

Mum is affected by a motor neuron disease, this makes her daily life really hard to cope with.

When the total lockdown started in Italy, because of the coronavirus, me and my mum were left alone in the house, having to deal with her necessities plus the outside world difficulties.

Being quarantined makes life a unique place, bringing your conscience to a parallel reality of thoughts.

The analogy with dreams is strong.
This time a dream I am forced into, with a pattern of frozen and repetitive thinking, along side a far to reach getaway.

Shared with my Mum, my quarantine was filled of all our divisions and difficulties understanding each other.